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i minute challenge

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response technology  for everyone brain trainer
You Choose which Play Crazy Catch anywhere: 75-90% of a child's learning
Crazy Catch side to play: the backyard, at school, your is through vision and 30% of
INSANE sports club, even at the beach! your brain is developed to vision.
= unpredictable ball return The free Crazy Catch activity Crazy Catch and VisionBalls
SANE pack contains a fantastic range specifically target visual skill
= more predictable ball return. of activities and games to development.
More on the insane effect challenge all levels.  


All new Classic Crazy Catch Nets in New Zealand have been safety tested to both NZ Toy and Playground standards by a NZ Internationally certified testhouse. Further information here



NZ: Patent 335024 ™No 611116. AUSTRALIA: Patent 759147 ™No 851252. UK: Patent GB 2348612 ™No 2246238. USA: US6299554 ™No 2679655. EU: ™No 002877728.