Field Hockey

Hone your Hockey skills and take your game to the next level with these Crazy Catch rebound nets, the ultimate hockey training aid.



The main benefit of using Crazy Catch for hockey is the variety and fun it can add to your training or practice. Using both the sane and insane rebounds is a great way to fast track your skill levels and simulate match conditions.

The unpredictability of the insane side provides a great test for any goalkeeper looking to challenge their reactions and agility whilst outfield players can develop and improve their first touch particularly when playing the ball in the air.


Some of the worlds top hockey players and coaches all choose to train with Crazy Catch - the ultimate rebound net for Hockey.

Whether you are one of the worlds best goalkeepers like 2x FIH World player of the year David Harte or a young player developing their skills, Crazy Catch will take your training up a notch, helping you improve your reactions in the circle, just get creative.